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Inherent Water Management Conserves Resources

Motivated by Guiding Principles of Sustainable Production

Brewery Schwäbisch Hall


ATN Water Treatment was commissioned by Löwenbrauerei Hall to complete a feasibility study for treating mineral water to produce brew water. The company decided to analyse its material and energy flows when it notices excess use of inherent water. It is also committed to more sustainable production and preventive environmental protection. Wildbadquelle Mineralbrunnen GmbH & Co. KG – which manages own wells – has been part of the company since 1968. For quality- and mineralisation reasons, the wells had to be operated continuously even though not all water was used to produce of mineral water and sweet beverages.


  • The most self- sufficient water supply possible should be achieved through the volume profile of well yield and excess water from it
  • Creation of two water types with different mineralisation (brewing water, process water)
  • No use of added chemicals for ecological reasons
  • Waste water sakinity to be avoided
  • No addition of sulphateto adjust brewing water quality
  • Integration of an energy management system encompassing all pumps to increase efficiency in production

The main issues covered in the feasibility study were


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