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River Water Treatment in Kenya

For a world’s leading breeder, producer and marketer of ornamental plants

Breeder, producer and marketer of ornamental plants


The company’s breeding work involves bedding and balcony plants, poinsettias, shrubs, and cut flowers. The company serves all relevant markets with eleven production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The existing plant at the Kenia production site could no longer withstand the company’s continuously increasing demands. ATN was initially commissioned to plan a new river water treatment plant, then to construct this plant.


  • How can we find a practical solution with the available resources - easy handling and maintenance as well as affordable
  • The filter used in the past could not be converted but had to be replaced completely
  • UV should be used in future to reduce the use of chlorine - first water has to be filtered properly (low transmission)
  • UV-disinfection was insufficient due to the extensive piping system since it does not offer a depot effect
  • Additional chlorine disinfection necessary as so- called transport chlorination

Existing Situation


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