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Production of ‘Aqua Purificata’

Pure water for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

Producer of highly effective care products



The company has been developing highly effective care products with proven natural ingredients for a healthy skin with a beautiful radiance since the 1920s. The brand stands for a long tradition and proven quality. The existing product water treatment plant could no longer withstand the continuously increasing quality requirements, both of the company and of the cosmetics- and pharmaceutical industry. Becuase of this, ATN was commissioned to plan and manufactur a new product water treatment plant.


  • Conductivity should be reduced to a value of less than 1.3 μS/cm
  • The existing reverse osmosis cannot achieve this value – a second new reverse osmosis system must be installed downstream
  • Poor raw water quality and high organic material content result in fluctuating turbidity values, total carbon and spectral adsorption efficiency - activated carbon filters are installed upstream of the UV -systems
  • UV -systems further eliminate microorganism in the raw water
  • Carbon dioxide in the raw water prevents the required conductivity value from being achieved - added sodium hydroxide binds the free carbon dioxide and is eliminated later via the reverse osmosis membrane.

Special Features of the Plant

In addition to periodic back washing, the activated carbon filters are sanitised with hot water so that they help create microbiological stability
Heat exchanger upstream of reverse osmosis in order to stabilise the fluctuating raw water values - compensating system- based reduction of membrane performance
In order to reduce the use of chemicals the two reverse osmosis plants can also be sterilised with hot water


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