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Complex Product Water Treatment Plant

For the Biggest Dutch Contract Filler DIS B.V.



The contract filler DIS B.V. produces about 250 different products for roughly 40 customers. In 2013, the company built a new can filler for a major soft drink manufacturer and commissioned ATN with planning and construction of the associated water treatment plant. Our service included: planning, design, engineering, delivery, assembly and start-up of the turnkey plant.


  • Increased availability and efficiency
  • Flexibility in filling
  • Reduced waste water
  • Tight time frame for constructing the plant determined by the customer
  • Rapid procurement of certificates required by the soft drink manufacturer for the used filter material and for the UV-disinfection units
  • Compact installation of the activated carbon filter, the multi-layer filter, the rinse water collection tank and reverse osmosis (skid-mounted)

Special Features of the Plant

Soft drink industry
Plant completely sanitiseable with hot water: chemicalfree-disinfection with hot water up to 83°C
Soft drink industry
Upon request by the soft drink manufacturer: additional quality assurance with an activated carbon filter as a third purification stage
Soft drink industry
Mineral water from a seperate well can be treated with this plant parallel to operation of the product water line - treated with one of the three multi-layer filters.
Soft drink industry
Multi-layer filters are filled with a special filling material and backwashed with an air-watermixture - fewer backwashes are required, higher efficiency


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