UV-Disinfection of Waste Water

To meet the requirements of both public safety and environmental protection many water companies have opted to use UV-disinfection as the most appropriate disinfection method compared with chemical disinfection. The current bathing water directive is fulfilled.
Trojan UV 3000Plus
Trojan UV 4000Plus
Trojan UV Fit
Trojan UV Sonus
no disinfection by-products
no chemical residue
no municipal safety risks
effective against cryptosporidia and giardia
can be adapted to changing legal regulations

UV-Disinfection of Drinking Water

Trojan technologies offers the world’s most modern UV-systems forprotecting drinking water against microorganisms such as cryptosporidia and giardia. UV systems used in this field are certified according to the current guidelines of the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water Experts).
Trojan UV Swift
Trojan UV SwiftSC
Trojan UV Torrent

UV-Treatment of Food

The food industry comprises several sectors such as mineral- and table water, food packaging, plant watering, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, dairy plants, and meat and poultry processing factories. UV technology is successfully used in these sectors to control pathogenic microorganisms.

UV-plants by Aquafine are also used to disinfect process water used as a food ingredient. Bottled drinking water and product water in concentrates, soft drinks, tea and beer are commonly disinfected with 254 nm-UV-plants by Aquafine.
Aquafine Optima HX Series
Aquafine SCD H Series
Aquafine ChloRid Series

UV-Disinfection of Process Water

Since this disinfection takes place in industrial applications, the plant does not need a DVGW-certificate. Thus a wider selection of options available. Plant dosage are variable. 300-400 J/m² is the standard.
Aquafine Optima HX Series
Aquafine SP & SL Series
Trojan UV SwiftSC

UV Liquid-Disinfection

Disinfection of liquids with very low transmission
Diverse applications such as liquid sugar, juices, paints
Wide range of options
Aquafine CSL plus Series
Aquafine Trojan UV Logic Series
Aquafine LS HX Series

UV-Oxidation Process

Degradation of Pollutant (AOP = advanced oxidation process)
Although both advanced oxidation processes and combinations of UV-treatment and hydrogen peroxide have been in use since the 70s, these methods have not become well-establish in water treatment. Trojan, however, recognised the potential of this technology at an early stage and has developed and optimised it in the last 10 years.
TrojanUV SwiftECT
TrojanUV Phox

UV-Treatment in Microelectronics

The challenges in designing and constructing a water system for microelectronics are manifold.

The UV-systems by Aquafine comply with all existing specifications for ultrapure water which is to be used in microelectronics. These include microbial disinfection, TOC reduction (total organic carbon), ozone destruction and reduction of chlorine and chloramines. That is why numerous companies all over the world trust in Aquafine UV-systems.
Aquafine CSL plus Series
Aquafine SCD H Series