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Requirements are Increasing Steadily

Quality and hygiene requirements are increasing steadily.

Under this aspect it is our responsibility to lay the foundations as plant engineers and technology supplier for water treatment in the beverage and food industry so that the final product meets the requirements. We need to do more than just giving perfect water to the filler or to the syrup area – no, we also must ensure that the systems and plants as well as the following piping are always kept clean. This requires a new way of thinking. For the first time ATN was commissioned to deliver a plant that shows a minimum contamination also at standstill. Also deposits in the area before treatment e.g. iron and/or manganese must be able to be removed by an integrated cleaning. Foresighted cleaning reduces any risk considerably and ensures a better plant availability. The automatic cleaning and disinfection also of any supply lines is an integrated element of the concept. While designing the plant high importance was attached to the possibility of different cleaning and disinfection operations. Last but not least the documentation of all relevant data during operation and cleaning plays an important role.