For us water treatment is not only the possibility to produce water of a certain quality.
Both water treatment and water supply are important factors for the protection of the environment, for the conservation of our water resources and for the quality protection of your final product.

Clemens Nörpel - Managing Director



Water treatment plants are a long-lasting investment. Before planning, there are a large number of factors that need to be considered to create the perfect operational concept. We are happy to employ our full expertise to achieve the best result. This doesn't always mean building new and larger plant.. It is always a good idea to review exisitng systems.

Apart from a functional check, the following is a list of some other issues checked:
  • What reserves does the existing plant offer?
  • Is the equipment (energy, chemicals, …) being used ideally?
  • Is the maximumwater quality being achieved?
  • In what way can the existing plant be optimized/expanded?
  • This allows us to offer fair conditions when signing a service contract. We are also happy to submit an offer for a service- or maintenance contract.


Navigating the variety of water and wastewater treatment options available requires not only a high level of knowledge about the many possibilites available, but also consistent further development of procedures and experiences. This is the only way to maintain our high level of development and meet ever-increasing demands. ATN stands for both excellent expertise and state of the art technology and equipement.
The techniques available for water treatment are as diverse as the types of raw waters. This makes a conscientious and thourough consulting and planning phase all the more important. All information is considered during this phase and adapted to your individual needs, resulting in customized planning.

Plant Construction

ATN completed the transition from a pure engineering company to a plant construction company back in 1996.

ATN has been offering comprehensive solutions for water treatment for 25 years. Our services encompass design, engineering, delivery, assembly and start-up of turnkey planst as well as future service and maintenance work. Thanks to cooperation and strategic alliances with our partners, we can concentrate on our core competence and deliver comprehensive solutions from a single source.
ATN-plantsare produced by carefully selected long-term partners. When selecting our partner companies, we make the highest quality a priority. We are clearly committed to Germany as a production location, and to German manufacturing values.

Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves in planning, engineering and producing standard and individual plants and systems for the beverage-, food- and pharmaceutical industries as well as for breweries and horticultural business looking for economic water treatment.
Forschung und Entwicklung

Research & Development

Just one year after the foundation of the company Aqua Technologie Nörpel in 1992, we applied for the first patent.

Ever growing demands for water conservation and waste water reduction, along with the need to reduce expenses, require the most advanced technologies available. One good example for further development of recycling systems are the ContiREC and ContiFIL plants.
They allow for considerable water conservation, especially with bottle rinsing machines.

The company's work is shaped by the development of in-house and other new technologies, most of them patent protected.
Service und Wartung

Service & Maintenance

Service and preventive maintenance serve to maintain value, assure a proper function, and guarantee a long operating life. Important analysis parameters can be measured and evaluated during service jobs on site.

Furthermore, all of our plants can be equipped with a tool for remote maintenance via FPN. This allows us to guarantee the fastest possible support in case of a failure. We can access your water treatment plan through this online conncection.
We offer you the option of signing a service and maintenance contract. This contract includes regular expert service for your systems and equipment. We would be happy to submit an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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